Daddys Home

To my little Stevie, daddy loves you...

The light shown from the new born's eyes,
They turned toward me, a new love ties.
I used to be a proud man, strong with no fears,
God must have smiled at me on my knees in tears.
He beheld my son as I raised him towards His Throne,
Swearing undying love for this boy, to be with him so he's never alone.
To raise him to do God's Will,
Oh I remember that day holding such a chill.
For I was a father, given charge of a life,
We were three now, my son, I and my wife.
I remember the first day of my Stevie's life so new,
My life had changed into something so meaningful and true.
I, a man, had taken the road,
One of hard work, with heavy a load.
Provider, protector,holy example to my son,
The years we will have together, the love and the fun.
Being a father is such a special reward from above,
Much like the Savior's when upon his shoulder alighted a dove.
Years later my blessings have grew,
3 sons, I have growing tall and true.
My life has changed, yet always with the wife I am bound,
Father, husband, man of God, a life I have found.
Yet I remember my day the Lord gave me that chilly April morn,
The day the world changed, my old selfish part from me was torn.
The day I became a FATHER, when I lifted my son, my day to rejoice,
I heard from above, "He is in your charge, in you I am well pleased", in a silvery voice.
I pray the Lord in looking for fathers for other souls thinks of me as his good choice.

Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Hal Levy and the above captioned author.