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The Aniversary Gift

We all know that one of the seven deadly sins of marriage is forgetting an anniversary. Well I didn't forget, but I did get my wife an unexpected gift. And before I tell you all what it is, my wife is the one who informed me that this was a gift, I did not presume she would like this.

I was making a special dinner to commemorate the occasion of our 19th wedding anniversary and I had a little problem. I was making a dish that she just loves, Shrimp Scampi. To make this dish for those who may not know, it is cooked quickly over very high heat. See where I'm going here? I had prepared the accompaniments to the dinner and I was now going to start the main course. I had the pan getting hot and was getting the ingredients ready. While I was pouring in the olive oil I missed the pan just a tad, and the oil went right under the pan and onto the burner. As you could imagine I had a great deal of smoke flying everywhere.

The fire alarm went off and there was so much smoke I could not reset the alarm, it just kept on going. Well I dutifully called the alarm company to inform them that I did not in fact have a fire and would not need the services of the fire department. The operator took all the info and said they were canceling the fire department dispatch, and I went on cooking. Now my wife knows nothing about what is going on because she is outside talking with a new neighbor that just moved in three doors down. I had the windows and doors open to help clear the smoke so I could hear the cars and such passing by. Well what did I hear but the unmistakable sound of a big diesel engine and I immediately knew the fire department just pulled up. Well I had to come clean.

So I sent my older daughter out to tell her mom that we would not need the fire department and to apologize for getting them out on a false alarm. The next thing I knew, three very strapping young men were in my house just making sure "everything was OK". I assured them everything was indeed OK and apologized. They informed me that the alarm company had called in a false alarm, but they decided to go ahead a check anyway since they were out. They took my name and asked only if there was flame and were on there way.

Guess who was the hit of the neighborhood with all the kids, yea me. You know up close a personal with a fire truck is always a hit. Well it was a hit with my wife also who was checking out the very in shape young firefighters. She was surprised to see how good these guys looked in their uniforms, and how well she could make out their butts in the firesuit pants. She never had the opportunity to she them in action so close up. And she thanked me for making our anniversary so memorable.

So the moral of this long boring story is that, you never know what would be considered an anniversary present.

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