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A Shark, A Snake, A Mouse, A Snail

Adventuring with Super Julienboy

June 8, 1998

I am a shark. An alien.
A snake in the grass.
A mother to kittens,
I chase you, the mouse.
Wending a mountainous trail,
You say, "Stop.
Become a snail".
Then I am Ralphie,
Super Julien's friend.
I learn all you know,
For you dismiss any end.
I cringe. Only moments
From becoming a beast.
I am saddled and weary,
My goodness, I'm tired.
Please let me rest.
The Lego are scattered
There's danger afoot.
A Mister Freeze for my thirst,
Oh Papa? Oh please?
Where am I? I ask, to my
Quiet inside.
How can I keep up,
Five minutes just past?
You want me to chase you,
But you're wearing your socks.
On our floors made of wood,
One slip, you are lost.
My denim announces
The troubles I've seen.
With knees all a-wonder
Sneaking into the scene.
How can I share
A game at this speed?
You whiz right on past me,
Fly by like a steed.
Ignore me and taunt me.
"You're Super, indeed!"
You latch me with suspenders,
Stuffed animals, too.
We hook up for fun,
And The Forever, too.
I am ten times your age,
Yet you look me square on.
Whether anger or joy
Or question beyond,
You're just not afraid.
It's me that sweats ice
While watching you prance.
I can't push like I used to,
But neither can you.
We're wise to our games.
You stop briefly to follow
The lines I have drawn.
You look up and wince,
Then look off to the side.
I watch as you make
Your way up the slide.
Trusting wood and metal
And plastic to hold you.
My arms trace your path.
Your leap unexpected.
I'm always too late.
I'm angered by spaces
Of inches between us.
The sand you are tasting
Elicits a fart.
We laugh at your lack
Of social regard.
You're four, I'm older.
I'm enjoying this log.
The insects are crawling
and searching for dark.
Your fingers discover
The slivers in bark.
Now where in the world were we?
Oh, that's right. I'm a shark.

Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Hal Levy and the above captioned author.