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A Wonderful Day

Did you ever have one of those strangely wonderful days? Today was a day like that for me.

I woke up this morning, no joints popped or cracked when I stretched.

Both kids slept 'till 8am, I actually read the whole newspaper and had two cups of hot coffee. It's not that I usually read the whole paper, it's just that I could.

When I checked my email this morning,there where only two messages telling me how to purchase "wealth building secrets" for $19.95.

The stock market took a big nosedive yesterday. I don't own any stocks.

When dressing the kids this morning, I actually found a matching pair of socks for each child. My daughter actually wanted to wear the dress I picked out for her. (This borders on "miracle.")

We started to walk to the park today, but we never made it. We got a bit distracted. Gwen, who is three years old, seems to notice things I just never noticed.
"Look Daddy, a star!"
"Where honey? I don't see it."
"Look Daddy, in the window!"
"Ah, frost on the window. A beautiful star indeed!"
"Can we make a snowman? He has to be big."
"We just made a snowman yesterday. You want to make another one today?"
"I want to make a big one!"
"Okay, where should we put him? Next to this snowman we made yesterday? He'll have a friend."
"It's a snowman baby. I want to make a daddy snowman."
"Oh, that's sweet. Let's make 'em big like your dad."
She sings "He's big, he's bad, he's my big bad dad...he's big..."
"I love you daddy."
"Well thank you sweetie! I love you too. Where did that come from?"
She sings "He's big, he's bad, he's my big bad dad...he's big..."

Later when our snowman was happily guarding the house with the "snowman baby" we went inside and enjoyed some hot chocolate (well, 11 month old Ian had milk.) We had a nice fire going and Gwen was curled up on my lap giggling at George of the Jungle. Ian was banging on some blocks and singing to himself.
"I love you sweetie."
"You should daddy, I'm beautiful."
"I love Ian too. Is he beautiful?"
"Yes Daddy, he's just like you."

Indeed, I had a wonderful day. I'll never forget it.

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