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The Defiant Child, A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder

One of my sons was diagnosed with ODD. I was having difficulty managing him and his behavior. He had a tendency to get so wild that me and my husband had to physically restrain him to prevent him from hurting himself.

Then I read the Defiant Child, A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder, by Dr. Douglas A. Riley. Through stories about the children, the doctor explains the behavior and thinking patterns of ODD children This insight is most helpful for me when dealing with my son. This book was empowering for me. Understanding my son gives me the ability to be a better parent. Parents, or anyone else, who works with ODD children, should have that same power. Dr. Riley gives clear, creative ideas to parents to use as consequences. Consequences that go beyond reason and logic, which often fails to affect ODD children.

I've tried some of the methods Dr. Riley suggested...and wow! Did my sons eyes go wide! He knows I am serious now. He seems to have a clear understanding of what is expected, and how I will have to respond should his behavior test those limits.

With my other children, I didn't need special parenting skills. They didn't test the limits and constantly defy or refuse to comply with rules and requests like this son. Now, I am glad I can adapt my parenting in such a positive way for my sake, and my sons.

I am so tempted to give Dr. Riley’s book as gifts to parents of children without severe behavior issues, just because he so clearly defines a parents obligation to their children and the lengths you may have to go to in order to teach them life skills. I see my son using acceptable behavior and more self control since I've used some of these techniques.

I am looking at my son in a more positive light since reading his book. Thank you Dr. Riley.
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