Daddys Home
Welcome to Dad's Ring Home Page!

Why Make the Daddys Ring?
It was a natural extention of Daddys Home. What better way to link us all together?

Who Makes Daddys Ring Possible?
Daddys Ring is sponsored by the letters A and Q and the number 6. The software that makes Daddys Ring possible is run by WebRing. Space for Daddys Ring and management of the ring is done by Daddys Home.

What Kind of Content Will I Find on Daddys Ring?
You will find home pages of stay-at-home fathers as well as companies and services run by stay-at-home fathers. You will also find sites designed with stay-at-home fathers in mind. All of the sites on this ring will be checked for content.

How Can I Add My Site to Daddys Ring?
You can click the "JOIN" button on any of our member ring sites.

How Can I Edit My Site Information?
At the Webring website.

How is Ring Integrity Ensured?
The people over at Webring have a utility to let the administrator test the ring. This utility checks every member of the ring to make sure their pages are still up and that the pages contain the required "Ring HTML". If any page is found lacking- we will e-mail the owner of the page to inform them of the problem. You will have 48 hours to correct the problem or inform us of when the corrections should be expected. If no answer is recieved the page will be removed from the ring.