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Spring, and a parent's thoughts turn to ... landscaping? If you're lucky, your kids will stop you before you mess with Mother Nature, as Amy Leinen found out.

A fake tree? An old church pew? Time out from your busy life? It's not always easy getting what you want, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is ask.

Amy Leinen shares some of the difficulties and joys that have followed her family's decision to adopt a third son.

Traditions are not only a window to the past, but they celebrate our future.

Amy Leinen praises Dr. Riely's book The Defiant Child, A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder. A must read for parents with a difficult child!

A father reflects on the difference a Daddy can make in a boy's life, and how having a true Son can take the negative connotations out of being a stepfather.

The first month, while nothing out of the ordinary might happen, it's still quite a learning experience.

Amid the daily "catastrophes" of life at home with small children, how is a father to make sense of a real-life tragedy? Brian Rathburn imagines a way out of despair.

It isn't a full-fledged law, but the US Congress has passed a resolution to acknowledge the social value of at-home parents. Brian Rathburn examines the legalese and why it matters for Dads at home.

Congressmen, Senators and even the President are talking about the importance of stay-at-home parents, although real tax relief is still to see legislative light of day. All the same, at-home Dad Brian Rathburn enjoys some time in the sun.

A typical day at the park, a brief wordless exchange with an old man, and Brian Rathburn discovers one of the timeless mysteries of parenthood.

Being a SAHD inspires Dave Swenk to poetry.

Denise Thigpen writes movingly about one of the irreplaceable relationships in her life.

If you're not a parent, do not judge what we do with our kids. You will never understand our rationalization of what seems like torture to you!

Gary Chapin knows better than to offer you that advice ... at least, not while you're still trying to cope with a fifteen-month-old child.

Cat-lover Gary Chapin discovers that words spoken in haste are often regretted at leisure. The kittens aren't so sure they want his opinion at all.

Do the trials and tribulations of parenthood cause voluntary amnesia in Stay-at-home Dads? Gary Chapin tried to figure out why anybody would choose such sacrifices, but then he forgot the question.

A succession of small battles with a headstrong four-year-old leaves Gary Chapin not frustrated or exhausted, but in awe.

Gary Chapin struggles to gain some perspective after he and his family are wrongfully confronted with a terrifying accusation.

Gary Chapin suffers an unwelcome flashback to the days of Diaper Obsession and gets a chance to consider the "earthier" side of the Great Cosmic Cycle.

Harald Breiding-Buss examines the important emotional relationships of a child's early months.

After several close calls, Jonathan Kronstadt finally had to bring his daughter to ER. A nice doctor with stickers made everything better, but a worried Daddy isn't as easy to fix.

Something's wrong with Justin Ross's VCR. He set it to record professional wrestling, and what he got was something far more intriguing. Immortal, even.

You're a primary caregiver Dad and the K-Mart Mom's Club won't include you. Do you: A) Get mad? B) Get even? C) Be glad for the chance to laugh at yourself? Justin Ross chooses "D), All of the above."

A reflection about on-line communication leads to the conclusion that, in cyberspace, we're only what we make of ourselves.

Keith Beene recommends Fathers and Sons by Ron and Matt Jenson for any father who is looking to strengthen his relationship with his son.

How can a Stay-at-Home-Dad get busier when the kids aren't home all day? In his farewell column, Mike Taylor describes the continuing demands on his time. It all goes back to the days when he was a rookie SaHD (and an internet newbie).....

In carrying a lifelong obsession around the world, Michael Price has made a ritual of bread-making.

When the aniversary present doesn't go as planned ,we discover that, perhaps, women are more like men they then want to let on.

A passing generation and a special soup recipe combine to inspire.

What does it take to hang out with your four-year-old son all day? It helps to start with imagination, as Mike Taylor relates.

Mike Taylor assesses in verse the contortions a father willingly goes through.

No matter how close the move, the prospect of a new home always sends the mind back over the years and places that have come before. Mike Taylor sorts out his vinyl LPs, and his thoughts on moving on.

A minor case of Empty Nest Syndrome leaves Mike Taylor weighing his options as Super Julienboy heads up, up and away.

As he surveys the multitude of accidents and near-misses that kids endure, Roland LaScala discovers that for every one, it's the parent's heart that takes a bruising.

Stephen Barrows explores the trade-offs that went into his difficult but happy decision to stay at home with the kids.

Just another wonderful day!

In the aftermath of the Jonesboro shootings, Stephen Barrows finds evidence to refute those who would use the tragedy to political ends.

What does it really mean to teach our children to walk? Stephen Harris reflects on how those first few steps are just the first, and easiest, lesson.

The First Part of "The Home-Dad" by Stephen Harris, a thoughtful and comprehensive examination of the perils and rewards in store for men who choose to become the primary caregiver for their kids.

The Second Part of "The Home-Dad" by Stephen Harris.

Stephen Harris shares "tricks-of-the-trade" for parents at home, with a special focus on Dads carrying out this untraditional role.

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